Founding Partners

Adams │ Hemingway’s History

Adams │ Hemingway is deeply connected to Middle Georgia’s history. Founded in 1957, the firm was originally named Adams, O’Neal & Steele when Charles Adams, Hank O’Neal, and Robert Steele combined their existing law practices. We built our own office at 165 First Street in 1960. In October 1962, William W. and John D. Hemingway joined the firm after earning their law degrees by way of the G.I. Bill and following their military service in World War II. Our firm moved to its present location on Mulberry Street in 1965 and in 1977. F. Bradford Wilson, Jr. joined the firm in 1978, and in 1996 the firm changed its name to Adams, Hemingway & Wilson, LLP. With the firm’s most recent additions in 2018, we have now formally changed our name to Adams, Hemingway, Wilson & Rutledge, LLC.

For more than 60 years, Adams │ Hemingway has worked closely with our clients to resolve personal, estate, and business legal matters, offering timely advice and continual support.

We’ve built a reputation for excellence in all our practice areas, including:

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