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Probate & Estate Administration

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Estate Administration is the process by which the estate of a deceased individual is managed by the person appointed by the Probate Court of proper jurisdiction. This is also known as probating a person’s Will, if the decedent had one at the time of his or her death. The representative appointed by the Court is known as the Executor (with a Will) or Administrator (usually without a Will).

The experienced probate lawyers and staff at Adams | Hemingway work closely with the representative of the estate, their families and/or the heirs and beneficiaries of the estate of the decedent to ensure the proper filing of the documents necessary to open, administer, and close the estate of the decedent. We advise our clients concerning the proper payment of the lawful debts of the decedent and other expenses related to the administration of the estate. Additionally, we will assist with the proper transfer of title to the various assets of the decedent, including real property and business interests.

The probate lawyers and staff at Adams | Hemingway have the expertise to handle the administration of estates of all manners of complexity and size. We work with our clients to help facilitate that the decedent’s wishes are carried out in accordance with his or her Last Will and Testament and/or the laws of the state of residence. We also advise our clients concerning the most tax advantageous manner to administer the estate.

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