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Estate, Trust, & Tax Planning

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Estate planning first requires identifying and understanding your clients’ goals and objectives. Thereafter, an estate planning attorney oversees the preparation of the documents necessary to accomplish those goals and objectives. This includes Last Wills and Testaments, trust instruments and, where appropriate, business entities. We strive to position our clients’ assets in a manner that will continue their legacy beyond their death in a tax efficient manner.

The estate planning attorneys at Adams | Hemingway help our clients design and implement plans to create, grow, protect, and pass their wealth on to the next generation. For many clients, these plans are carefully designed to meet specific income and estate tax-oriented goals. For other clients, we focus on specific family dynamics and help design estate plans to transfer wealth in ways that empower and protect children and grandchildren. When representing business owners, we also shepherd our clients through the process of creating or redesigning their plan for transitioning ownership of the business to the next generation of family members or employees.

We use a variety of means to accomplish our client’s estate planning goals. In addition to the preparation of a Last Will and Testament, we often prepare and help manage trusts on behalf of our clients. Many trusts are designed to hold and manage assets during life; however, we also prepare trusts to serve as a vessel to most appropriately manage our client’s assets upon his or her death while maintaining privacy for the estate.

The attorneys at Adams | Hemingway are adept at offering the most cutting-edge techniques in estate and tax planning. Oftentimes, we create and build long-term relationships with our clients and their families so that we serve as counsel to families from one generation to the next. Our goal is to extend our client’s legacy well beyond his or her life.

In addition to the preparation of an estate plan, our firm also assists clients in the preparation of revocable or living trusts, healthcare, and power of attorney documents to help manage their estate during life. The attorneys and staff at Adams | Hemingway also have great experience in the guardianship and conservatorship process involving the appointment of a legal representative for an elderly or incompetent adult or a minor child.

In summary, the attorneys at Adams | Hemingway use our expertise to design an estate plan that is tailor-fit to the needs of our clients and their family.

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